•  WHAT ARE WE UP TO?                         

    March 27th- 29th:
         Wednesday 27th-
              1) Journal- Welcome Back 
              2) Unit 4:Body Systems Vocab 
              3) Notes: Cardiovascular System 

         Thursday 28th-
              1) Journal- Cardio System
              2) Cardio Review
              3) Notes: Nervous System 
              4) Nervous System Diagram 

         Friday 29th-
              1) Journal- Body Systems
              2) Immune System & Respiratory System 

    April 1st- 5th:
         Monday 1st-
              1) Journal- Body Systems 
              2) Review Immune and Respiratory System Notes  
              3) The Skeletal and Muscular Systems 

         Wednesday 3rd-
              1) Journal- Respiratory & Cardio System 
              2) Human Skeleton 
              3) The Endocrine System 
              5) The Digestive System 

         Thursday 4th-
              1) Journal- Nervous & Endocrine System
              2) Integumentary Notes
              3) Urinary System 
              4) Reviewing Key Terms- Body Systems          

         Friday 5th-
             1) Journal- Immune System 
             2) Study Skeletal System 
             3) Skeletal Quiz 

    April 8th- 12th:
         Monday 8th-

         Tuesday 9th-

         Wednesday 10th-
              1) Human Body Systems Unit Test 

         Friday 11th-
             1) Journal- Food Culture 
             2) Collect Journals 
             3) Nutrition and Eating Habits Questionnaire
             4) Nutrients and Their Functions Notes 

    April 15th- 18th:
         Monday 15th-
             1) Journal- Food Nutrients
             2) Nutrient Review- Collect 

         Wednesday 17th-
    Journal- Eating Choices 
              2) Test Your Nutrition IQ
              3) Food Diary- passed out, Due Mon*
              4) Permission Slip- Due Mon*
              5) Food Groups- Notes 

         Thursday 18th-
             1) Finish Food Groups- Notes
             2) Serving Size Notes 

    April 22nd- 26th:
         Monday 22nd-
             1) Journal- Seving Size
             2) Collect permission slips
             3) Food Diary- DUE
             4) "Let's Get Fooducated"
             5) Food Label Comparison and Reflection 

         Wednesday 24th-
              1) "Fed Up"

         Thursday 25th-
             1) "Fed Up"

         Friday 26th-
             1) Nutrition Unit Packet
             2) Nutrition Review- TEST MONDAY!