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    Welcome to Basha! You will find lots of important information below in the following sections: School Information and Policies, Curriculum and Classroom Information and Policies. If you have any questions about the information below, please let me know.


    Table of Contents:


    School Colors/Logo: Our school colors are Navy Blue & Tan/Khaki, and our logo is the Bobcat. <top>


    School Hours: Basha school hours are from 8:30 - ­3:00, with the first bell ringing at 8:25 and the tardy bell ringing at 8:30. * Keep in mind that per school policy, children are not allowed on campus prior to 8:05, as there is no supervision at this time.  á


    If your child is going to be absent: Please email me and the attendance line. á


    Dismissal: At dismissal time, students are released to the busses and/or pick-up in front of the school or they may walk. The playground fences remain locked until 3PM.  á



    IF CHANGING your child’s PICK-UP Procedures: Parents must notify me in writing or by email if a change is to be made regarding your child’s pick­up. This is school policy and is necessary for the safety of your child. The only exception would be a phone call made to the office, and then the office staff will notify me of the change. If your child “tells” me he/she will not be riding the bus, I must send him/her on the bus if I haven’t received a written note or email. Please use the blue folder to send notes to school. I check folders every day. á





    Curriculum:  In second grade, we follow the Journey's reading program.  It focuses all language skills and learning around 1 story each week.  Our math program is Go Math.  Our district has created integrated Science/Social Science units.  We use an integrated approach to learning and teaching. á


    Classroom Information and Policies


    Newsletter: During the year, I will be corresponding with you through weekly newsletters. These newsletters will be sent to you through email. If you do not have access to email, please let me know so that I can send home a hardcopy. á


    Backpacks: Clearly write your child’s name on their backpack. Please have a backpack large enough to hold a binder. 


    Check your child’s backpack daily. Going over your child’s daily work will help you understand what we are doing in the classroom, as well as give you and your child some special time together. á


    Binder: Your child will have his / her own reading/homework binder. These will be used to send home special notes, homework, behavior chart, etc. Please remove the important notes and have your child return their binder to school EACH day. á


    Homework: Homework consists of nightly reading, spelling, math, and online learning. District guidelines for homework include 15-20 minutes per night, outside of nightly reading. *For parents who would like additional learning activities, there are several ideas linked to my website. á


    Recess: Since we play outside for recess, it is highly recommended that the kiddos wear tennis shoes to school to avoid hurting themselves in the wood chips or while playing. (Tennis shoes are a must on P.E. Days.)  I also recommend that girls wear shorts beneath their skirts or dresses to allow them to play comfortably at recess and to be able to sit properly on the carpet while in classá


    Lunch/Snacks: Lunch is at 11:40 - 12:20.  Cafeteria prices are $1.60 for breakfast before school and $2.75 for lunch.  We will have a work and eat snack time scheduled.  Students may bring a healthy snack if they choose.  This snack needs to be separate from their lunch. á


    Water Bottles: I strongly suggest that your child bring a water bottle to school during the warm weather months. On hot days the water comes out of the drinking fountain rather warm, so children prefer having their own water. Please label the bottle clearly with your child’s name. (Please, water only – juice and pop are not allowed.) I also have special buckets in the classroom for water bottles. This keeps the water from spilling on desks, etc. We take several water breaks during the day to keep hydrated.  


    To help with sweaty water bottles you may want to slip the water bottle into a sock or sleeve.


    Please do not pack this water bottle with their lunch box, please include a separate drink for lunch, this may include juice pouches but no pop.á


    Discipline Plan: The emphasis in Second Grade is BE POSITIVE! I encourage good behavior constantly and look forward to spending each and every day with these bright and wonderful children. The children are given lots of praise and positive reinforcement for following rules, as well as stickers, stamps, and paw awards. The rules are simple and fair. They will also be discussed often to help the children adjust to their new classroom environment. Good character will be emphasized through The Pillars of Character, which are: Caring, Fairness, Respect, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, and Citizenship. We will spend the first week of school reviewing rules and classroom procedures and they will be reinforced throughout the year.


    We use the Clip-It System in our class. The Clip-It! System consists of a chart that has been divided into levels. All of the children start the day on Ready to Learn (green). Then, during the course of the day, the children move their clothespins up or down the chart, based on the behavioral choices they make. If they are making good choices, they can move their clothespin up a level at a time. Inappropriate behavior would cause them to move down a level. Since the children start in the middle of the chart, they have numerous opportunities to work their way up the chart. This really helps the children realize that they have to have self-­control and be responsible for their actions and behavior if they want to be recognized for making good choices. Making it to the top of the chart is not easy, but it is definitely attainable. The children quickly realize how they must conduct themselves in order to achieve this goal. In the beginning of the school year, it may be a little harder for the kids to make it to the top of the chart but as we progress throughout the year this will become easier to attain. You will find the list of the different levels and their corresponding colors in their folder. Each day, the children document what color they go home on so their parents are aware.  More info will be placed in your child’s folder.


    VIOLENCE–THREATS­-FIGHTING­-PROFANITY are NOT tolerated at Basha. Those responsible will be sent directly to the principal, and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Parents will be notified immediately. á


    Toys/Electronic Games: Toys and/or electronic games are not allowed at school per school policy. During the school year there will be special days when your child is allowed to bring a toy from home (ex: Teddy Bear Day). á


    Volunteers: I love to have parent volunteers, so please complete the volunteer sign-up sheet and return it to school. Volunteers will be contacted the second or third week of school, after our classroom routine has been established. All volunteers who enter the building must sign in at the front office (with ID) and wear a visitor’s badge. Parent volunteers need to have a Volunteer Form filled out and on file here at school. á


    Birthdays: We will share in the celebration of your child’s birthday by singing to your child. If you would like to bring treats for your child’s special day, please notify me ahead of time so I can plan for it. Treats must be store bought – such as cupcakes, cookies, popsicles or other simple treats. For those kiddos that have a birthday during the summer, we will celebrate your child’s birthday at the end of the school year; I will send you more info at that time. á


    School Supplies: School supplies are provided by the district for all students. Although we have community baskets for crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue, there will be some items that will help out our classroom and your child have a successful school year.  More information on the supplies needed is provided here https://www.cusd80.com/Page/3210 .


    I understand that children are very excited to shop for school, so a new backpack and water bottle are always great ideas!  If your child wants other items, it’s always a good idea to keep them at home in a special place to use for homework and school projects. á


    Donations: Throughout the year, we do many special projects that require extra supplies.  More info will come via our classroom Newsletters. A Wish List will be provided and available online. á


    Our District domain is www.cusd80.com. If you have any questions regarding the above information please feel free to contact me at lenz.shirley@cusd80.com.  You may also contact me through voicemail at 480-­883-­4446. However, email is the most convenient form of communication for me. I check my email in the morning, at lunch and after school at 3:15 pm. á



    Mrs. Lenz


    For more info visit or classroom website: http://cusd80.com/Domain/398








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