Click here for the 2019 - 2020 syllabus. Please sign up for the Remind by using the code @449619-20 or texting @449619-20 to the phone number 81010.

    About the class: 
    This is a project based class that focuses primarily on two competitions: CO2 Dragster Competition and FRC. The purpose of this class is to give students hands-on
    experience with real world applications and to guide them through the engineering process.
    About CO2 Dragster Competition
    The end goal of CO2 Dragster Competition is for students to go through the engineering process and develop a miniature balsa/bass wood racecar.  The students will learn how to use Autodesk and CFD to make and analyze the aerodynamics of their cars and will learn how to use a CnC router to make their cars. Students create their car and develop presentations to demonstrate their knowledge of the enginnering and physics behind the competition. This competition is held at Perry High Scool in December. 
    About FRC:
    The First Robotics Competition starts early January. The competition goal is not revealed until that date and is revealed globally. Students have until their competition to build a robot to accomplish a task and can apply for various awards based on their performance or research. Perry participates in the Arizona West Regional, which historically has taken place in early April.