• About Mr. Stolt

    I'm an Arizona native that loves this state despite the heat.  I graduated from Corona del Sol High School in 1989.  I have always loved basketball, I played in high school with our own Doug Harris and we won a state championship in 1989.  I have three kids, two of which are in grade school and my oldest is grown and in the Navy doing Cryptological Networking (cybersecurity).  Needless to say I'm very proud of her.  In my free time we like to travel and see new places, especially in the outdoors.  We like camping, hiking, rock climbing, running, snowboarding, you name it!  I most recently was at the District Office and IRC as an Academic Coach and Technology Coach.  I'm very excited to be back in the classroom!

    My babies    Daughter visiting from Ft. Meade

     My oldest, Sydney   Teaching my kids how to Snow Board



     At Ooh Ahh point off the South Kaibab trail

    My son climbing in Jack's Canyon near Winslow, being belayed by me  


     Summit of Mt. Hayden, North Rim Grand Canyon


     Summit of Tom's Thumb, McDowell Mountains   


     Grand Canyon Rapids!