Welcome to Ms. Duering’s Dual Enrollment Humanities classes!


    Welcome to Ms. Duering’s Dual Enrollment Humanities classes!

    Materials Needed Daily:

    (Bring what you need to be succssful. I know that  you know what to do!)

    pens, pencils - blue or black ink only


    text being studied (if applicable)

    various- depending on activity

     *Grades will be calculated based on the following:   

    Classwork                    Presentations                Preparedness

    Homework                   Group-Work                  Participation

    Quizzes/ Tests              Writing Projects     

    *Semester grades are calculated using the following equation:    

    Quarter 1/2 or 3/4 (Q)             80%               (Q.8) +  (Ex.2) = semester grade                

    Final exam grade  (Ex)             20%


    *Please note that this course will embrace a Socratic (discussion based) classroom environment. There may not ne a great number of assignments, but each will be very important for your success in this class.

    Tardies:  Please do not be late to class; it demonstrates a lack of respect for the learning process.  Students who are tardy will face detention assigned by the office; if tardies continue, further disciplinary action will be taken.

    Absences:  Please refer to the student handbook for guidelines.  Work missed during an excused absence will be accepted (with no penalties) upon return to class. Late work will not be accepted at all for long term assignments. Additionally, emailed copy of any work does not constitute a completed assignment if a hard copy has been requested. I strongly suggest that if you are out for more than three days, you should call or email for your work so you do not fall too far behind.  Any absences that are not excused immediately following the day missed will constitute a zero grade for any work turned in or done in class.

    Late Work: Late work is not accepted.

    Turnitin.com Policy: Turnitin.com is an integral program at Perry High School.  This website allows teachers to review the written assignment submitted and determine the authenticity of the students' papers.  In many cases, this submission is the only poof of a completed assignment, as the teacher scores the paper from the website.  The late work policy listed above applies to any paperless submissions.  In other cases, the teacher requires both a hard copy of the assignment, as well as submission to the website. If an assignment requires submission to turnitin.com, the late work policy will apply for all students, which allows a 24 hour grace period given with a 10% reduction in the final grade. Please note, however, that any papers not submitted by the extension period will receive a zero, regardless of a hard copy submission.

    All students will be expected to independently set up their turnitin.com accounts and enroll in the course.

    Cheating/Plagiarism: These activities violate ethics and school rules.  Any work or tests that exhibit this practice will result in a zero on the paper and disciplinary action will be taken.  Please, if at any time you are having difficulty and need additional help, come see me so you don’t feel the need to resort to this unfortunate choice.

    Behavior:  We’ll operate on a policy of mutual respect.  We will respect the educational process, but if you do not allow learning to take place, I will probably ask you to leave the room.  If any misbehavior continues, I will notify the office and your parent/guardian.

    Food and Drink: Keep it clean: no food, drinks, or gum are allowed in the rooms.  Bottled water is acceptable and encouraged.


    Rhonda Duering- MaED/ MA

    English Department


    (480) 224-2853