• Fulton's Birthday Book Club
    Birthday Book Club day is the most happily anticipated day of
    the month for our students. 2018-2019 celebrations are 35 minutes in length.
     July & August Birthdays:            August 23rd      9:00
      September & October Birthdays:   September 20th 9:00
     November & December Birthdays:  November 15th  9:00
     January & February Birthdays:     January 31st   9:00
     March & April Birthdays:           April 28th        9:00
      May & June Birthdays:             May 7th         9:00 
    What is Birthday Book Club?  
    Student birthdays – each and every one – will be celebrated in the Library. The program is designed to engage students in the joy of reading, support the growth of our library, and celebrate the special day of every student at Fulton. As fun as classroom parties may be, student education is our top priority at Fulton. By celebrating birthdays in the Library, instructional time remains intact and every child gets a celebration. 
    How does it work?
    Each month, the Library will throw a party for all children who have a birthday during that month. Students will bring home an invitation a couple of weeks prior to their celebration date so families will be alerted. If parents choose to make a minimum $15 donation (more is very welcome), the child will get to participate in the Book Club part of the celebration. At the party, he/she will choose from a selection of new books selected by our librarian. A bookplate is then permanently affixed to the book with your child’s name showing his/her contribution to the Fulton Library. Also, your child will be the first to check out this book! Once the book is returned, it will be added to our Library for all to enjoy. While we hope everyone chooses to donate a book, be assured that all children will celebrate with treats and fruit regardless of donation.
    What can you do to help us celebrate
    1. Return the form on the invitation. We will need your donation as soon as possible to cover the cost of the new books.
    2. Donate treats, fruit, and/or water for the celebrations.
    3. Volunteer at the party to serve refreshments and affix book plates. You can volunteer for all the celebrations or just the morning or afternoon.


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