• CHS  
    Instructor: Heather Walterson
    Phone: 812-7859
    Email: walterson.heather@cusd80.com
    Office Hours: 2:15-3:30 Tuesday and Thursday or by appointment
    This course is laboratory-based science class in which students will study the cell, the molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, interdependence of organisms, matter and energy, and organization in living systems and the behavior of organisms. 
    Topics to be Discussed:
    • Biological Principles 
    • Biochemistry
    • Cell Structure and Function
    • Bacteria and Viruses
    • Cell Reproduction
    • Fundamentals of Genetics
    • Theories of Evolution
    • Biological Classification
    • Ecology
    • Plant Sciences
    Text Book:  Textbook: Biology by Johnson and Raven, published by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston

    The class website located on Google Classroom contains learning objectives, notes, labs and study links.  Please check the website to see what you missed, and for make-up work
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    Units Of Study
    Unit 1: Science of Biology
    Unit 2: Chemistry of Life
    Unit 3: Cells
    Unit 4: Photosynthesis/ Cellular Respiration 
    Unit 5: DNA & Cell Cycle
    Unit 6: Protein Synthesis
    Fall Final Exam Study Guide 
    Unit 7: Meiosis & Genetics
    Unit 8: Ecology & Geochemical Cycles
    Unit 9: Classification and Evolution 
    Unit 10: Microorganisms & Fungi
    Unit 11: Plantae Kingdom
    Unit 12: Animalia Kingdom
    Spring Final Review Guide
    Notice to Parents & Students:

    The Google Classroom website is regularly updated for each unit.  Students are expected to check the website prior to the next class when they are absent so as not to fall behind.  There are many study resources available as well! Please see students handouts to get their logon information and school code to join Google Classroom.