• Honors Biology
    Instructor: Heather Walterson
    Phone: 812:7859
    Office Hours: 2:15-3:30 Tuesday or Thursday or by appointment
    Honors Biology Course:

    This course is an innovative, activity-driven biology program aligned with, and designed to prepare students for AP/College Level Biology.  The curriculum strongly emphasizes the development of the conceptual framework for modern biology.  Students are expected to design and evaluate their own laboratory experiments.  The curriculum allows learners to conduct investigations that are meaningful to them and that highlight experimental design, analysis, and application of concepts.  Students will use educational technologies as tools for learning.  This program uses real word connections and thematic approaches that bridge the gap between familiar student experience and more abstract biology theories.  Students will be prepared for success in the AIMS Biology exam given in April.

    Over the course of the year we will be building scientific investigation skills and using these skills as we explore cells and cell biology, learn of enzymes, examine biochemical processes such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration, investigate DNA and its associated technologies, and study the principles of genetics and evolution.  Additionally we will focus on ecology and the effects of human impact and briefly explore some human body systems and diversity of life.  As an addendum to the syllabus, we have included a supplemental page detailing the skill set students will be developing, to help build successful a transition into the AP Science courses.

    Text Book:

    The Living World, 7th/Edition, by George B. Johnson

    Units Of Study
    Unit 1: Science of Biology
    Unit 2: Chemistry of Life
    Unit 3: Cells
    Unit 4: Photosynthesis/ Cellular Respiration & Geochemical Cycles
    Unit 5: DNA & Cell Cycle
    Unit 6: Protein Synthesis
    Fall  Exam  
    Unit 7: Meiosis & Genetics
    Unit 8: Ecology
    Unit 9: Evolution 
    Unit 10: Microorganisms & Fungi
    Unit 11: Plantae Kingdom
    Unit 12: Animalia Kingdom
    Spring Final Review Guide