• This course provides students with math skills related to activities of daily living.  Topics include, but are not limited to, number sense, numerical operations including calculator math, money skills, telling time, using schedules and calendars and measurement. Math vocabulary will be included in daily lessons. 


    Classroom Agenda

    *daily math warm up

    *skill introduction and review: small group and/or individual rotations

    *skill application/practice: small group and/or individual rotations



    Math Rotations **these topics are covered in the context of functional life skills

    Money and budgeting

    Time (elapsed time/schedules)


    Statistics (making and reading graphs)

    Computation and number sense

    Map skills



    Student Materials

    *calculator (provided in class)


    Classroom Expectations

    *Be prepared with your materials

    *Be ready to learn


    *Advocate for yourself

    *Do the best you can!

    **NO phones during math. Calculators are provided in class.