• Online Judge Application

    You must be fingerprinted and undergo a background clearance before submitting a judging time card.  Fingerprint clearance takes 6-8 weeks.  Please plan accordingly.  The SRO for Hamilton High School will complete your fingerprint clearance free of charge.  You must complete your online application and paperwork then email me to schedule an appointment.  meade.gina@cusd80.com

    You may choose to have digital fringerprint clearance done.  It cost between $50.00 and $75.00, and the process is completed in approximately 3 days. 

    Although the application appears to be for a volunteer position, you are applying to work as a paid judge.

    Because the hiring process is quite involved, it is important that you are willing and able to judge the majority of tournaments for us.

    Debate events typically begin Friday afternoon around 4:00 with judge check in around 3:30 and run until approximately 9:00pm. Debate typically begins again Saturday at noon and runs until approximately 5:00pm.

    Speech events run from 8:00 am Saturday with a judge check in around 7:30 and run until approximately 5:00pm.

    You may elect to judge both speech and debate events, or only one or the other.


    Online "Volunteer" application form

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Last Modified on August 11, 2018