• Adding Photos to Flickr

    Follow these steps when adding photos to Flickr. A PDF with the same steps is also attached.

    Adding your photos to Flickr

    Click on the icon that looks like a cloud with an arrow in the middle.

    Either Drag & Drop your files or click on the button that allows you to search your computer for the files. After you do this, Flickr will bring you to a new page.

    You must always add your photos to the correct album and add the correct tags for each assignment.

    Make sure all of the photos you are trying to add are highlighted (usually it will be a pink box).

    On the left hand side, click “Add tags”. 

    Always add your name, class period, assignment name (ex. John Smith, Period 3, Texture)

    Now, on the left hand side, click on “Add to albums”

    Create a new album with the same name as the assignment. Click “Create Album”

    If you have already created an album for this assignment, just select that album from the list.

    On the left hand side, click “Add to groups”

    Click on Basha High Digital Photography

    Lastly, on the top right of the page, click Upload Photos (it should same a number of photos you are uploading.


    **Follow these steps every single time!

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  • Project Based Learning Rubric

    This rubric will be used to assess student achievement on class projects.

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