• P.L.A.C.E.

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    Preparatory Life Advancement Center of Education
    To provide extended educational, vocational and life skills training for young adults with intellectual disabilities who are 18-21 years old who are remaining in public school past four years to enhance their independence and maximize their employment potential to be contributing members of society.
    1. Provide vocational training for young adults to gain competitive entry level employment
    2. Provide vocational academics focusing on independent living skills and employment
    3.Provide work opportunities within the community with minimal supervision
    4. Promote independence in the work environment
    1. Vocational Math
    2. Vocational language Arts
    3. Life Skills Training
    4. Job Skills training in mock businesses
    5. Job Shadowing in real world environments
    6. Job Coaching in real world environments
    Kim Wortman  wortman.kim@cusd80.com
    Julie Mitchell   mitchell.julie@cusd80.com
    P.L.A.C.E. is located at the Chandler Learning Center