• Camille Casteel High School Hockey Club Constitution


    Article One

    The name of this organization shall be the Casteel High School Hockey Club, hereinafter called the Club.

    Article Two

    The purpose of the Club shall be to:

    1. To promote the sport of Ice Hockey.

    2. Demonstrate the highest standards of Courage, Character and Commitment. 

    3. Support the Arizona High School Hockey Association, and other hockey clubs.

    Article Three

    Section 1: All students currently enrolled at Casteel High School who currently play or who have interest in playing ice hockey are eligible to join.

    Section 2: The Club will have an elected leadership team.  The team is made up of the Captain (President), Alternate Captain (Vice-President), Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations and Historian who are elected from the club body.  

    Article Four

    Section 1: A student who wishes to be a candidate for the Leadership Team shall:

    1. Exemplify the qualities of Courage, Character and Commitment.

    2. Maintain a GPA of 3.0

    3. Relate well to other students and adults.

    4. Be interested in being a Club member in good standing.

    5. Play the game of Ice Hockey on a sanctioned club team.

    6. Regular school and club attendance.

    Section 2: Officers: Each student in grades 7-12 will be eligible for running for Club Office if requirements are met. Our leadership team will consist of Captain (President), Alternate Captain (Vice-President), Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, and Historian. Speeches will take place during a scheduled meeting for leadership team. Each student will vote by secret ballot. The student receiving the majority of votes shall be declared the winner after administrator approval. Captain and Alternate Captain roles are reserved for students participating in the Arizona High School Hockey Association Club, who are representing Casteel.  All other officer positions are open to members, regardless of hockey club or past experience.

     Section 3: Each club member shall be responsible for performing the duties of membership including: attend meetings, be an active participant in Casteel activities, complete five and one half hours of community service a year, set a good example for others, and show school spirit.

    Article Five

    Section 1: The officers shall be the Captain (President), Alternate Captain (Vice-President), Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations and Historian.

    Section 2: The election of officers shall take place no later than the second meeting of the club and shall follow approved procedures.

    Section 3: The officers shall have the powers and duties listed for each office.

    Captain (President): The Captain is responsible for running all meetings. The Captain acts as a facilitator during discussions and gives assistance, guidance, and praise to all Club Members. He/She must also maintain frequent contact with faculty and administration, as needed. The Captain will work with advisors on all planning and must participate in all club sponsored events and activities. The Captain must have exceptional leadership skills.

    Alternate Captain (Vice President): The Alternate Captain is responsible for working closely with the Captain. He/She will assume the Captain’s duties when needed. The Alternate Captain is responsible for working with the Captain and Treasurer in preparing the calendar and budget. The Alternate Captain also assists the Captain in preparing meeting agendas.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing expenses and revenues. He/She must maintain accurate and detailed records of the finances and give monetary advice to the club. The Treasurer authorizes payments and deposits of all money collected. The Treasurer works with the Captain and Alternate Captain in preparing the calendar and budget.

    Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes during all meetings. He/She works with the Public Relations officer to create publications. The Secretary is responsible for updating the Club Website, along with one of the sponsors. He/ She will also be responsible for thank you notes and any other correspondence necessary.

    Public Relations: The Public Relations person is responsible for keeping all club members informed of events, fundraisers and community service events. The Public Relations person is also responsible for ensuring that proper communication to the school. This person must obtain approval for all events and work with the Captain, Alternate Captain and Treasurer on preparing the calendar. The Public Relations person is responsible for organizing club members to create posters or fliers to publicize events.

    Historian:  The Historian is responsible for photographing Club events, and communicating with yearbook staff to ensure club representation in the yearbook.  The Historian is also responsible for working with the Public Relations officer to ensure coverage of events.

    Members: The Club Member is responsible for being an ambassador of Casteel High School while participating in hockey clubs and attending rinks.  They will also be assigned to committees throughout the school year and be responsible for participating in Club and School events.

    Section 4: The term of office for all officers shall be one calendar year, from the completion of the elections to the last day of school.

    Section 5: The Sponsors shall be members of the school staff who shall be responsible for fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a sponsor.

    Article Six

    Any officer or representative may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Club membership for poor attendance at Club meetings, failure to perform required/requested duties, unsatisfactory academic performance, or failure to follow school rules or class rules.

    Article Seven

    Section 1: Club meetings shall take place at least once a month to conduct the business of the club. The club membership will decide each year the appropriate meeting dates and times. The meeting dates and times will be placed on the calendar of activities. For example: first Tuesday of the month at 2:45 p.m. An agenda shall be prepared and handed out to each member at the beginning of the meeting. Club members may initiate agenda items. All items for agenda must be submitted to the sponsor two days before a meeting. Additional agenda items may be added at the beginning of each Club meeting by a majority vote of Club members.

    Article Eight

    Section 1: Each member shall have one vote.

    Section 2: All motions require a second; all motions require (for passage) a majority vote of the Club members.

    Section 3: Any and all actions of the Club are not official until approved by Administration.

    Article Nine

    Section 1:  A member in 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade is eligible to receive a letter if the following criteria are met throughout that school year:

    1.      Played for the USA Hockey sanctioned club for high school play, currently the Arizona High School Hockey Association (AHSHA).

    2.      Was selected or moved up to the Varsity Division by the Board of the sanctioned organization.

    3.      Played in at least half of the season games.

    4.      Maintained a GPA of 2.75 throughout the hockey season.

    5.      Provides proof of 5.5 service hours to the community during the school year.

    6.      Maintains the core values of Camille Casteel High School at the rink, school and at events represent ted the club.

    Article Ten

    This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the members, at a meeting that was announced a week prior, a quorum is not necessary to hold the vote.