• Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):                                                                  August 14, 2018

    I would like to take this opportunity to explain my homework procedure since it is somewhat unique.  The reason I assign homework is for students to practice and correctly learn the skills taught in class.  In order for this to happen, homework becomes a multi-step process in my class.

    (1)  Homework is assigned nearly each time students come to class and it is to be completed when students enter classroom the following period.  Complete homework includes: following directions, copying problems, and showing any work, steps or explanation needed to make their thinking clear to me, along with a final answer. All work must be done in pencil

    (2)  When students come to class the following day, I may grade it for completion points.  Students will then correct their assignment.  Most importantly, students are to write in the correct answer to each problem that they missed, using a colored (NOT BLACK OR PENCIL) writing utensil.  I require that students use a colored writing utensil as a reminder to themselves that those are the problems that need to be redone in order to learn the skill correctly and get homework points. 

    (3)  When students go home that evening they are to redo all of the problems, including work that they missed so every problem is done correctly. Students will also use their answers from correcting their paper (step 2) to determine if they redid the problem correctly or if they need to seek additional help

    (4)  After a minimum of one day to ask me for help, I will collect the assignment and grade one problem from the assignment.  If a student has the correct work and answer they will receive all points even if they had to redo the problem to get it correct.  Students will receive 60% for having written the correct answer down with a colored writing utensil as an incentive for correcting their assignment.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



    Mrs. Berg