•   Parent Links
    Arizona Bridge To Independent Living: www.abil.org  or 602-256-2245
    Chandler Camp Challenge: Collette Prather at 480-782-2709
    Chandler Gilbert Arc: www.CGArc.org or 480-892-9422
    Arizona Disability Benefits 101 www.az.db101.org
    Benefits and Work Calculator help you to determine how a job may affect total income and health coverage.
    Gryphen Specialty Products and Services: www.gryphensps.com  or 480-966-9500
    McClintock Farms DTA: www.TransitionsAZ.org or 480-940-7915
    Raising Special Kids:  www.raisingspecialkids.org
    Attendance at all workshops is at No Cost.  For Southern Arizona workshops visit www.pilotparents.org
    Smiles for Special Needs:  email: info@smilesforspecialneeds.com
    (480) 361-1972
    Seeds for Autism
    Valley Metro: www.hsd.maricopa.gov/sts or 602-372-4280
    East Valley Dial-a-Ride:  480-633-0101
    DriveAble Solutions: www.driveablesolutions.com or 602-840-2323

                           Food Handler's Card
    Maricopa Food Handlers Card AZ ONLINE| $8.00 LOW PRICE!
    1. Log onto site 
    2. Click "Buy now and begin"
    3. Select "English" and "Check out"
    4. From the shopping cart screen select "Check out"
    5. Fill out the Certificate Holder page and create a user name and password & select "Continue" (if the user name/password aren't correct or are already used, it won't let you move to the next screen)
    6.  Enter Employer City - Chandler & make a selection from the drop down (it doesn't matter what you choose).  Select "Continue"
    7. Enter payment information and select "Purchase"