• Guardianship


    Here's some guardianship information:

    - Parents should start the process approximately 6 months before their child turns 18. 

    -To download paperwork go to www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov

             *Self Service Center

             *Court Forms

             *Juvenile Cases

             *Guardianship of a Minor


    To have filing fees waived:

    *Self Service Center

             *Court Forms

             *Deferral of court fees (determination is based off of the child;d income, not the parent’s.


    -The Superior Court is on 1222 E. Javelina 1st floor in Mesa.

    -There is a company called GFS (Guardianship Filing Services).  They assist in the preparation of legal documents including guardianship petitions.  Call 480-991-0909 or email info@bsgfs.com.  Their office is located at 8687 E. Via de Ventura suite #213 Scottsdale, Az 85258. (Note- they are not lawyers). 


    Types of Guardianship

    Full Guardianship: Guardian would have full power over the ward. For example: living arrangements, education, social activities, medical care, right to marry. Ward would not be allowed to vote under the Arizona constitution.

    Limited Guardianship: The Arizona legislation requires the court to consider limited Guardianship as an option prior to granting full guardianship.  The court has the power to limit the ward's rights in certain areas such as health care choices and the filing of legal claims/contracts.

    Guardian Ad Litem: Person appointed for a specific time and for a specific purpose.

     Temporary Guardianship: In an emergency situation, a temporary guardian maybe appointed by a court.