• PLACE Off Campus Work Program

    Tier I Work Environment ~ Maximum Supervision
    Mock Businesses: grocery store, post office, cafe, bank, medical office
    On Campus Jobs: Supply Clerk, Health Inspector, Mail Clerk, Task Box Inspector, Textile Manager 
    Tier II Work Environment ~ Moderate Supervision
    Bashas Supermarket 
    Tier III Work Environment ~ Minimum Supervision
    Chick-fil-A, Home Depot 
    Bashas' - Young adults work for 2 hours facing, cleaning, collecting carts, greeting customers and shopping.
    Young adults working at Bashas' may bring $5 (no more) on Thursday to spend on a single serving snack or drink as long as they have completed their work for the week. 
    Young adults begin facing.  Once they have received 75% or better on 6 consecutive teacher rubrics, they are trained to do go-backs and bagging.  Their training for these positions will be monitored closely by one of the teachers. Once they have scored 75% or better on 6 consecutive rubrics, then they will rotate through those positions independently with minimal monitoring.
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    Chick-fil-A - Young adults work for 2 hours helping prepare food, washing dishes, cleaning, restocking condiments, making lemonade and greeting customers.


    1. Young Adults fill out a self-reflection each day they work (please see work program rubric)

    2. Teachers assess young adults each day they work and conference with them

    Off Campus Work Program Appearance:
    *Young adults need to wear closed toed shoes and long pants are preferred
    *Young adults must maintain proper hygiene and wear deodorant
    * Females with long hair need to wear it up or back
    * Finger nails much be clean and trimmed 
    * Hats (unless part of the uniform) are not allowed
    * Uniform and name tag must be worn 


    1. Young adults will practice learned/acquired entry level employable skills in a real world environment with minimal verbal and/or physical prompting.

    2. Young adults will perform the following jobs; facing shelves, stocking shelves, cleaning, gathering carts, bagging, shopping, picking up orders and delivering groceries.

    3. Greet and assist customers in finding products independently

    4. Completing multiple tasks within a 90 minute period with less than 4 verbal or physical prompts.

    Readiness Skills:

    Young adults must demonstrate the following skills to participate in the off campus work program:

    1. Work independently for 5 or more minutes without verbal or physical prompting

    2. Follow 2-3 or more step directions without verbal or physical prompting

    3. Stay on task for 5 or more minutes without verbal or physical prompting

    4. Use appropriate voice volume

    5. Use appropriate and calm gross motor movements

    6. Manipulate small, breakable items

    7. Work continuously for 90 minutes

    8. Stand for 90 minutes

    9. Maneuver a cart safely up/down aisles and around obstacles

    10. Walk in a parking lot independently and safely

    11. Keep hands off face and out of mouth/nose/garments

    12. Follow a routine with 2 or fewer verbal/physical prompts

    13. Walk independently from one place to another in a timely manner

    14. Identify and read numbers 1-20

    15. Identify letters

    16. Identify household/grocery products

    17. Identify community signs: female restroom, male restroom, exit, caution, do not enter, wet floor, close and open

    18. Take care of toileting and hygiene needs independently and appropriately

    19. Communicate with co-workers and supervisor