Mock Business Work Experience
    The mock businesses include the  Grocery Store, Cafe, Post Office, Bank, and Medical Offices.   Young adults practice money, time, budget, using a cash register,  filling out applications, making grocery lists, bagging groceries taking inventory, writing a check, addressing envelops, along with other functional forms, resumes, mock interviews and other employable skills.

    Young adults also practice greeting and assisting customers, appropriately waiting in line, asking for assistance.
    This has been a wonderful format to assist young adults in achieving employable skills in a fun and realistic way!
    The PLACE Market
    Cashier and bagger greet and assist customers.  Stock people greet and assist customers, clean, face the shelves  and put products back on shelves. 
    Customers make a list add up the total, decide how much they need to make the purchase and how much change they will get back.  After they make their purchase, they deduct the amount from their budget.
     l1   l2   l3   l4   l5   l6       b1
    The PLACE Cafe
    Host and Hostess greet and seat customers; Chef  makes simple meals; Customers place their orders with the waitress/waiter and enjoy a bite sized snack. 
      c1         c2   
    PLACE Post Office
    The post office clerk assists customers with getting their mail, getting stamps and/or postcards and sending letters.  Customers write letters to to friends and businesses.
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    PLACE Bank
     b1                            b2                                  b3
         Filling out a deposit slip                                  Filling out a withdrawal slip                                     Going to the Bank
    PLACE Medical Office
                                                Asking for PLACE Medical Card               Eye Exam