• PLACE Course Descriptions

    Vocational English – This course emphasizes functional academics in grammar, vocabulary, writing and basic reading skills, reading fluency and reading comprehension. Writing and reading activities concentrate on career/employment and real world situations within the community to assist in transitioning students from high school to competitive employment.

    Reading tasks include, but not limited to: reading informational text, grocery ads, community signs, job descriptions/qualifications, order forms, alternate transportation explorations, alternate housing explorations, using community resources and presenting information,

    Writing tasks include, but not limited to: writing letters, summaries, applications, order forms, grocery lists and other informational/functional forms.


    Vocational Math – This course emphasizes functional academics in number sense relationships, word/story problems, relationships among numbers, measurement, geometry, fractions, time, money, banking/budget and data analysis in real world situations.


    Work Program – This program emphasizes job skills necessary to transition from high school to competitive employment for young adults who meet the criteria to participate. They participate in an off campus work program at Bashas Supermarket for two hours, twice a week. While there, they face (pull products forward, turn so the label is facing forward and stack products), put products on the shelves, clean, gather carts, greet customers, assist customers in finding products, bag groceries and shop for BHS staff.

    Life Skills - This course emphasizes skills necessary to carry out daily living tasks, such as; cleaning, laundry, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, working kitchen appliances, making appointments, knowing where to find personal/insurance information, paying bills, keeping a budget, etc.
    Mock Businesses - These work environments provide the opportunity for young adults to train and practice skills in a various work environments which include; mock grocery store, cafe, mock post office, mock bank, mock employment agency and mock medical offices.  They participate as both employees and customers.