• 19/20 1st Quarter Social Studies Newsletter

    Posted by Brandon D'Entremont on 9/26/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Hello Panther Parents!

    Please read below a newsletter prepared to keep you informed about what your learner has been studying in Social Studies. As always if you have any questions please feel free to call me at (480) 224-2481 or e-mail at dentremont.brandon@cusd80.com.


    What we have been studying...

    Throughout the course of this quarter we have covered the following units:

    • An Introduction to Geography: Learners heavily studied and researched the five themes of Geography that we often apply and discuss when studying a specific area, region, or part of the world.
    • The Scientific Revolution: Learners created research projects in class and presented their revolutionary person, invention, or topic to their peers. We additionally discussed how these inventions are still in use today.
    • The Enlightenment Era: We covered and discussed key thinkers during the Enlightenment era and their ideas. As we moved forward throughout this unit, learners connected back to this unit to exemplify how thoughts can turn into actions (revolutions).
    • Revolutions Around the World: As we neared the end of the quarter, learners studied revolution and independence movements around the world. We heavily hit the French and American democratic revolutions. We additionally discussed the Latin American revolutions as well.

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    Where we are headed...

    For second quarter we will study the Industrial Revolution,  continue to Migration, and Imperialism. Additionally we will end the quarter with a in-depth review of the semester followed by semester finals.


    At this time first quarter grades have been posted for my class and no changes can be made. I am proud of all my classes, as they have grown tremendously as individuals throughout just one quarter. Please praise your learner at home for their hard work.

    Looking into second quarter, grades will continued to be updated on a weekly basis. As a parent please check grades weekly.


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    Donations are always accepted! For my classroom I always welcome (and prefer) tissues. Especially as we quickly approach flu season. If you can donate one box (or more!) please feel free to send it in with your learner. Thank you for helping the Panther community.

    Teacher Message...

    I would like you all to know this has been an enjoyable quarter. Learners are developing not only content skills but concept skills as well. In my class we do individual and team work, all learners work very well together and support each other. Thank you for making our school a friendly place to be. I will see most of you around campus!

    -Mr. d'Entremont

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