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    Description of Book Types and Genres 
    Non-Fiction/Information: Informational books are non-fictional books that give facts on a variety of subjects. Make sure it is not a biography. This book must be true. There are many subjects and topics the students may be interested in. For example: sports, travel, animals, hobbies, occupations, historical events, etc.
    Biography: This is the true life story of a famous person. This book must be all true of it will be classified as a historical fiction book.
    Autobiography: This is the true life story written by the person him or herself.
    Newberry/Sequoia Award Winners: Authors of these books are either winners or nominees for either the Newberry or Sequoia Award. The book can be from the current year, or a previous year.
    Realistic Fiction or Historical Fiction: These are stories that could be true or could really happen. Historical Fiction books are stories that have some true facts from the past. Realistic Fiction consists of stories that are set in modern times.
    Fiction: These are stories that are completely made up in the author’s imagination.
    Science Fiction: These are stories that are set in the future or in space. They have aliens or other unknown animals or places. There is no factual information in these stories.
    Mystery: These books have plots that center on solving a mystery. The characters spend much of their time looking for clues to solve the mystery.
    Fantasy: Stories that have unbelievable characters such as unicorns, talking animals or plants, etc.