Snack Shack Parent Info

  • SNACK SHACK Candy Sales Procedures

    Please follow the procedures for your candy sale shift.  Arrive in the front office of Santan no later than 3:45.  At the bell your child may meet you at the snack shack to assist. 

    1. Get the Snack Shack key, cash box and cart with candy and ice chest in room 103.
    2. Unlock the door to the shack and remove candy from plastic bins on cart and place on the shelves for students to see.
    3. Remove wood beam and open shack doors to the front. Someone will have to be outside to open the doors completely.  Sell, sell, sell until approximately 4:15 (or until all students are gone)
    4. Place all candy back in plastic bins, close lid bin and place on the cart.
    5. Count the money, fill out deposit slip and daily cash balance log. Please make sure $30.00 REMAINS IN THE CASH BOX! (see petty cash instructions in cash box)
    6. All parents present must sign the booster deposit slip with the amount and date.
    7. Turn off air conditioning (on/off button in front of unit).
    8. Close the front doors by having one person outside to line up the doors and one person inside to replace the wood beam (this step is very important). Make sure the doors are closed at the same time to ensure a secure fit.
    9. Lock the door, return cash box (with $30 petty cash), key and cart with candy and ice chest back to closet in room 103. Take snack shack earnings, including deposit slip to Kim in the front office, and you are finished!


    Text or Call:

    Wendi Jones: 480-204-0314

    Wendy Umbrianna: 480-220-4585

    SNACK SHACK Candy Sales Rules

    • At least one adult must be present and handling the money at all times.
    • When counting the cash, all adults must sign to verify the amount is correct.
    • Each volunteer receives a bottle of water at no charge. All other drinks and snacks must be purchased.
    • Absolutely no candy/drinks are to be given away for FREE. Anyone that is found giving away candy/drinks will not be allowed the privilege to work in the Snack Shack.
    • The Snack Shack door is to remain closed during sales.
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