Casteel Colts RequirementsPicture Credited to NJHS Organization


    Meetings: Students are required to attend every meeting.  Only 2 unexcused missed meetings are allowed. 


    Service Hours: Students are required to complete 10 inside school hours and 10 outside service hours throughout the year.  Half of the hours are due at the end of the 1st semester.  The remainder of the hours are due at the end of the year. 


    Year-Long Committees: Each student participates in a committee for the year and is responsible for attending these meetings and participating in the various service projects.


    Service Projects: Each quarter, NJHS students are expected to participate in events such as fundraising and community service projects.  Sometimes, these projects are in school and other times these projects are outside of school.


    Grade Point Average (GPA): Students are required to maintain a GPA of 3.8.  Grade checks are completed each quarter.