• zSpace is a computer based virtual reality program that allows students to explore science, math, social studies, and more concepts in a hands-on manner.  In our STEM Lab students use this innovative and amazing tool to conduct investigations in a collaborative manner.  The activities we select for them to use reinforce concepts taught in their classes.  For example, during a study on the solar system, fifth grade students were able to dissect various planets and explored multiple attributes of the planets.  

    Additionally, our students served as zSpace Ambassadors where they practiced public speaking in a unique way.  They introduce themselves and shake adult hands, including our Superintendent, Dr. Camille Casteel, and explained how they use zSpace and the STEM Lab to enhance their learning.  This is made possible because of the confidence and structure derived from our traditional model since throughout their academic career they have poem recitations and practice this skill.  By the time they become Global University students they have the foundation needed to take ownership of their learning so the teachers can serve as facilitators in the STEM Lab.