• Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys Support Material
    The presentation provides clarification on the use of the Universal screener DIBELS Next in conjunction with diagnostic assessments to ensure that each child receives what he or she needs to be successful.  Through the lens of equity and inclusion, the process outlined reduces performance disparities by ensuring access to the core curriculum for all students, highlights resources available to diagnose reading difficulties, calls on educators to interrupt inequitable practices that negatively impact struggling students, and affirms educators’ use of data to make instructional decisions. 
    This guide provides a guide for teaching the Journeys program with fidelity.  Time allocations are provided as well as a day by day overview.  Implementation at both classic and traditional schools is addressed.  A sample weekly planner is included for Chandler Traditional Academies which combines Journeys and Spalding instruction.
    HMH Journeys Program Components
    These files include a picture and description of components of Journeys available in the teacher classroom set of materials and/or on ThinkCentral, the online resource.
    This excel file lists all the material that is included in the classroom set of material for teachers who are responsible for Core reading instruction.  To find your grade level, please click on the grade level tab.