• Hey Colts,  whose got SPIRIT?? 
    TRYOUTS    2019-2020

    Casteel Varsity and JV Cheer are looking for 5-10 more athletes to join our program.  Please see the tryout packet for the details.
    Tryouts will begin Tuesday, September 3!


    Click Here for Tryout Information:

    Tryout Documents

    Parent Training- Register My Athlete

    Click Here: RegisterMyAthlete.com





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    ******************* HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR HIGH FALL TRYOUTS *******************

    And...Any student that may have missed the spring tryouts as well!

    Tryout Informational Meeting: JULY 23 at 6pm
    This informational meeting is to review tryout packet and answer any questions about tryout week. We will discuss tryout week and answer any questions you may have about expectations for the 2019-2020 season.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there! 

    Tryout week will be:  July 24-26, July 29-30 from 2:45pm-4:45pm

    You must have all your clearance paperwork turned into Coach Romonoski (C13) 
    BEFORE tryout week (see packet for exact date). 

    You need to have a current physical, Brainbook certification (high school students only) on file, and be cleared in www.registermyathlete.com by the date listed in tryout packet/website.

    Pick up a tryout packet from Coach Romonoski in C13 or print one by clicking the link above.  

    Tryouts may run over time. Be prepared to stay until dismissed.
    esults will be posted on the website by Wednesday before 7pm.


    Team/Parent Informational Meeting: August 1st at 6pm
    Team/Parent Social Event: August 1st at 7pm (more details to come)




     Junior High Students:  No tumbling is required.





    Prior to Tryouts (7th-12th grades):  
    Any student interested in attending tryout week will need to:
     -Complete a NEW athletic physical (you can get your physical at Casteel on April 27st for $25 ().
     -HS only: must have a Brainbook Certification on file (see athletic office) 
         Brainbook Link
    -Get cleared through REGISTERMYATHLETE.COM

    Parent Training- Register My Athlete

    Click Here: RegisterMyAthlete.com

    -Download, print, read, and bring completed (and signed) tryout packet to Coach Romonoski on or before the date listed in the tryout packet.




    Tryout Week (7th-12th grade students):

    Any athlete trying out for the team will be evaluated over the 5 day week.  All athletes need to attend all 5 days of the tryout clinic in the Aux. Gym.

    Students should wear:

    -dark colored shorts/leggings

             *Shorts: you must have spandex shorts (similar to Nike Pros) underneath your shorts.

    -white/mostly white shirt with athlete's tryout number on the shirt (students will make their own shirts) This is the shirt that the student should wear all week.  NO previous cheer shirts.

    -hair should be securely pulled up and out of the face

    -athletic shoes

    -no jewelry of any kind should be worn

    -no long nails should be worn at tryouts

     *Any student who doesn't follow try out uniform will be asked to sit and watch. 

    Candidates will be evaluated on motions, dance, spirit, jumps, tumbling, and overall performance.





    Team Obligations:

    If you are chosen to be an additional member of the CCHS Cheerleading team, there are several requirements you need to be prepared for.  All are listed in the tryout packet (document is attached below) as well as the Casteel Spiritline Handbook (can be found in the IMPORTANT FORMS tab on this website).
    All cheerleaders that made the team will be considered part of our cheerleading team, but will not officially make any specific team until July. 

    Cheerleaders support the school at all Football and Basketball games. All competition squads will participate in multiple competitions throughout the year. Cheer is nearly a year-around sport, which means it's a big time commitment.  Please be prepared to be available from July-March.

    Cheerleaders are representatives of Casteel High School and demonstrate school spirit in school and at all pep assemblies, games, school events, and competitions.


    Commitment and dedication are a crucial part of being part of the team.  Depending on which team you make, you will be expeted to endure expenses of approximately $2000-$3000.  

    Please see the tryout packet and/or the handbook for more specfic fiancial details.  Please don't be afraid to ask Coach Romonoski if you have any questions.  




    ******************AIA Information*******************

    8th grade tryouts:

    • Students currently in 8th grade (incoming 9th grade) CANNOT tryout for any spirit team in the Spring.
      • "Tryouts" can be defined as, but not limited to
        • Performing clinic material in front of any sort of judges (even the coaches)
        • Being assigned a number or name tag during any clinic, open gym, or camp
        • Being evaluated by anyone for any reason
        • Being selected to attend clinics, camps, or open gyms (it should be open to all)
        • Being fitted for uniforms
    • Incoming 9th graders can tryout for a team on the first permissible day of football practice for your school
    • What can coaches do?
      • Open invitation to all 8th graders in your attendance zone for clinics, camps, and/or open gyms
      • Open invitation to tryout clinics but CANNOT be onsite the day of actual tryouts 

    All-Star Rule:

    • As of now, there is still no cross over allowed. The Spirit committee is working on a proposal to bring forth to have this removed. Until you get official word from the AIA, it has not changed.

    Some FAQ about AIA Requirements:

    Can a school hold a Spring tryout for Spiritline?
       o Yes, but only currently enrolled 9th, 10th and 11th grade students may tryout.

    Can eighth graders participate in a clinic or camp in the Spring?
       o Yes, any students grades K-8 can participate in a clinic or camp during the season of activity.

    When can students tryout for the high school Spiritline?
       o Students are eligible to tryout for the high school Spiritline during the season of activity once they are enrolled at the high school which is 
          defined as the first week of Football practice.

    Can the eighth graders who are interested in trying out for the Spiritline attend a summer camp with the already selected (current 9th, 10th and 11th graders) Spiritline members?
       o Yes, see AIA Bylaw 36.10.1.

    If the AIA does not oversee any summertime activities, are the students still covered by the student excess accident insurance (Article 9.2.2) during the summer?
      o No, the student excess accident insurance is intended to cover students at AIA sanctioned events during the season of that sport or activity.

    **Transfer Student Rules**
    -Must sit out 50% of AIA competitions
    Except as otherwise stated, this rule is intended to and shall encompass any and all transfer situations and shall apply to any and all member schools, be they public, private or parochial.
    NOTE: The fact that a student may or may not have paid tuition has no bearing on the applicability of transfer rules.
    See page 39-40 for more details



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