• Mrs. Ezolt’s Kindergarten

    Discipline Plan

    In order to provide your child with an excellent educational climate and to ensure that learning does occur, the following classroom discipline plan will be in effect at all times.  The discipline plan consists of rules, rewards, and consequences.  Please note I focus primarily on positive reinforcement and rewards with my students. 

     Classroom Rules

    1. Be Respectful!
    2. Be Responsible!

    Disciplinary Consequences

    1sttime student breaks a rule:  Verbal warning.

    2nd time student breaks a rule: clip down to yellow light.

    3rd time student breaks a rule: clip to red light and loss of privileges.

    4thtime student breaks a rule:  red light, loss of privileges, Red note in Toro Folder.

    5thtime student breaks a rule:  all of the above and, parents called.

    6thtime student breaks a rule: all of the above, talk with Principal, parents called.


    1.   Stickers and Happy Notes-TORO COMPLIMENTS!

    2.    Special Treats!

    3.   Green is good on the behavior chart, CLIP UP to blue or pink because of great behavior, kindness, and learning!

    4.    Special Games!

    5.    Extra Recesses!

    6.    Lots of Hugs and Praise!

    7.    Friendships!!

    10.  Learning!!!

    I look forward to helping your child grow both academically and socially.

    Sincerely,  Mrs. Ezolt