• The East Valley Conference is made up of all the junior high schools in the Chandler, Higley and Queen Creek school districts. Payne, San Tan, Bogle, Newell Barney, Queen Creek Middle School, Sossaman, Cooley, Anderson, Willis, Arizona College Prep, and Casteel. 
    2019 East Valley Conference Casteel Colts Team Champions 272 pts
    78 lbs Gunnar Farnes Champion
    83 lbs Chase Carter Champion
    88 lbs JM Masters Champion
    93 Lbs Sinjon Allen 2nd place
    98 lbs Brady Hunt Champion
    104 Lbs Ben Weir 2nd place
    111 lbs Isaac Mortensen Champion
    133 lbs Isaias Jimenez Champion
    142 lbs Austin Young 2nd Place
    154 lbs Mason Strobel Champion
    167 lbs Jacob Done Champion
    200 lbs Christian Gielow 3rd place
    250 lbs Dayton Lynch 3rd place
    285 lbs Cole Cesmat Champion
    2018 East Valley Conference  Casteel Colts Team Champions 296 pts
    73 lbs JM Masters 3rd place
    78 lbs Roper Reidhead 3rd place
    83 lbs Aiden Medina 3rd place
    88 lbs Ben Weir 3rd place
    93 lbs Tanner Fry 2nd place
    98 lbs Will Effinger Champion
    104 lbs Camry Carter 2nd place
    111 lbs Sergio Ramos Champion
    118 lbs Brennan Callison Champion
    125 lbs Jack Brooks Champion 
    133 lbs Karson Dunn Points winner
    142 lbs Alejandro Torres Champion
    154 lbs AJ Murphy Champion
    167 lbs Kenney Zoccolli 2nd place
    180 lbs Carson Gazeley 3rd place
    200 lbs Steven Donaldson points winner
    225 lbs Rachon Cardona Champion
    265 lbs Cole Cesmat 4th place
    2017 East Valley Conference  Casteel Colts Team Champions 337 pts
    73 lbs Zach Posvar  Champion
    88 lbs  Sergio Ramos Champion
    93 lbs  Jimmy Maheras  Champion
    98 lbs Brennan Callison Champion
    104 lbs Talon Rucker Champion
    111 lbs Tristan Stevens Champion
    118 lbs Mikey Ramos Champion
    125 lbs  Devin Hillier Champion
    142 Lbs Ayden Markovich Champion
    167 lbs AJ Murphy Champion
    265 lbs Brock Dieu Champion
    83 lbs Ethan Becker 2nd Place
    133lbs Seth Mortensen 2nd place
    154 lbs Alejandro Torres 2nd Place
    180 lbs Geordie Ellis 2nd Place
    2016 East Valley Conference Casteel Colts 7th place 118 pts.
    265 lbs  Brock Dieu  Champion
    73 lbs Ethan Becker 2nd Place
    88 lbs Tom Cole 3rd Place
    98 lbs Zach Young 3rd place
    180 Lbs Demetrius Fatongiatau 3rd place
    83 lbs Jimmy Maheras 5th place
    93 lbs Tristan Stevens 5th place
    111 lbs  Nathan Mikus 5th place