Glencoe Course 1

6th Grade Math Curriculum - Classic

  • This year your child will learn math concepts aligned to the Arizona state standards utilizing the Glencoe Course 1 math book. Concepts will include:

    *Ratios & Proportions

    *The Number System

    *Expressions & Equations


    *Statistics and Probability

    Your child will have a math workbook and supplementary assignments and projects will also be assigned. Homework is expected to be completed nightly (Mon-Thurs) and is meant to reinforce the concepts learned in class. The math textbook is also available online through Infinite Campus.

    I believe each child enters the classroom with a unique set of aptitudes for math. Some students may be logic-based thinkers, others may look for patterns or be spatially oriented, while others may be builders or hands-on learners. I try to incorporate a variety of strategies to allow students to interact with the material in a way that is both engaging and challenging. 

    The video below provides great information about current research on math instruction. I encourage you to take a moment to watch!

    How To Learn Math