• Our PHS Med Pro HOSA Officer Team 2017-2018!  
    President: Sydney Nielsen  Vice President: Kennedy Wagner  Community Servant: Paige Ellsworth  Treasurer: Michelle Tieu  Secretary: Incoming MPI Historian: Incoming MPI
    Welcome to our Med Pro HOSA Family! Be sure to visit Mrs. Nguyen's calendar periodically for club meeting dates, guest speakers, community service events, conferences and more! We are a busy and active club here to serve each other, our school, our community and our country! Your 2017-2018 Secretary is Taylor Katz and your Historian is Tanner Van Briesen! Our club will meet two-three times a month to accommodate Guest Speakers and club meetings. We will meet on Wednesdays during Conference (0917-0945). Club meeting attendance is mandatory for all active club members as is online testing during December and club planned events. 
    What is AZ HOSA? Check it out! AZ HOSA
    Agenda: 8/9/17
    HOSA Med Pro Officer Leadership Retreat Flagstaff, AZ  We coordinated an Officer Retreat in the high country this weekend where your Officer team strengthened team bonds, learned the value of leading from behind, trust, effective communication, and support while on the Flagstaff Extreme Zip Line Course. We had a team dinner at Galaxy Diner and walked around downtown Flagstaff.