Hello E1 Families,
    The link below to Amazon is my wish list for a few items that are WAY above and beyond the basics of markers, glue sticks, etc.. to help make our learning even more fun than it will already be. I'm not quite sure how it works once an item is purchased from the wish list. I'm guessing it's taken off, but if not jot me an email so that I can remove the item.
    Many of the items, like the Lego Building Kit, Brickyard Engineering Kit, and Q-bitz are for what I would like to have in our STEM (Sciecne, Technology, Engineering, Math) center. Kids love creating and discovering, and these items will help them do exactly that, while sneaking in some brain stretching at the same time. The books... well I'm a teacher and am always finding good books that I'd like to read to the class. Plus, many of the books lead to a whole class STEM activity.The CrayonPro Electirc Sharpener is another luxery item and it helps the kids to want to use dull crayons instead of markers, which trust me, is way nicer than using markers on certian assignments, same with the sharpener for colored pencils.
                                                                         Thank you! :)