• AMS Welcome Letter

    Welcome to 8th grade!

    This year, we are embarking on new standards and working through a pre-AP Government and Politics/ Economics curriculum. The focus this year will be on AP skills through citizenship and civic engagement. Our class is project based with current events tied to historical events. We will be reading a lot of primary sources, having discussions in class, and researching. There is no textbook for this class as most of our documents are public record.

    Structure of the Class (Subject to change)

    Unit One: Foundations of American Democracy

            Essential Questions:

    •      How did the founders of the U.S. Constitution attempt to protect individual liberty, while also promoting public order and safety?
    •      How have theory, debate, and compromise influenced the U.S. Constitutional system?
    •      How does the development and interpretation of the Constitution influence policies that impact citizens and residents of the U.S.?

    Unit Two: Interactions Among Branches of Government

    Essential Questions

    •      How do the branches of the national government compete and cooperate in order to govern?
    •      To what extent have changes in the powers of each branch affected how responsive and accountable the national government is in the 21st century?

    Unit Three: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

            Essential Questions:

    •      To what extent do the U.S. Constitution and its amendments protect against undue government infringement on essential liberties and from invidious discrimination?
    •      How have U.S. Supreme Court rulings defined civil liberties and civil rights?

    Unit Four: American Political Ideologies and Beliefs

    Essential Questions:

    •      How are American political beliefs formed and how do they evolve over time?
    •      How do political ideology and core values influence government policy making?

    Unit Five: Political Participation

    Essential Questions:

    •      How have changes in technology influenced political communication and behavior?
    •      Why do levels of participation and influence in politics vary?
    •      How effective are the various methods of political participation in shaping public policies?

    Unit Six: Economics for Everyday Life

    • A financially literate individual understands how to manage income, spending, and investment.
    • By applying economic reasoning, individuals understand the decisions of people, groups, and societies.
    • Individuals and institutions are interdependent within market systems.
    • The domestic economy is shaped by interactions between government, institutions, and the private sector.

    I look forward to working with you this year!


    Lesson Plans