• Student Grade Changes


    o Student picks up a Replacement Grade Change form from either their Counselor or the Registrar

    COMPLETE the form

    Bring to the office and hand deliver to the Registrar.

    o  Forms may not be left in the office or in the Registrar mailbox

    o  If Registrar is not available, student will need to return at another time

    o  Student will sit with the Registrar as the grade change is completed

    o  Once complete, the registrar will initial the form 

    o  Student is to immediately deliver the complete, signed form to their counselor

    ** If a student did not take a final exam, the test is to be made up within the next 10 school days and the teacher will submit a grade change form directly to the registrar.

    To confirm the Grade Change

    o   Log in to Infinite Campus Portal website (not mobile app)

    o   Go to Reports

    o   At the bottom of the list, select Unofficial Transcript

    o   You will see the old grade with a small (R) next to it as well as the new grade


    Email the Registrar