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    Parents, visit this page to find handouts, grading policies, and other resources. Contact me with any questions.

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    COVID-19 School Closure Resources for Parents

    Digital Citizenship Lessons and Resources from Common Sense Education

    Common Sense Education

    Free lessons on digital citizenship, online safety, cyberbullying, online privacy, news and media literacy, media balance, and online privacy.

    Cyberbullying resources for parents and students.

    Family engagement resources for teachers and families for cyberbullying.

    Cyberbullying family tips.

    Clever to Digital Literacy

    Students login to Clever and click on Digital Literacy.

    Free lessons on technology basics, digital citizenship, cyberbullying, typing/keyboarding, and productivity basics.

    CUSD student online platforms and resources will continue to be available for students to login to during this time for all enrolled students.

    UPDATED Login Information: Office 365, Clever, ThinkCentral, ATI, and more.

     Logins and Passwords: We encourage all students in grades K-6 to write down their school username and password and keep it in a safe place at home.
    Grades 2-3: If students in grades 2-3 can't remember your password or have problems logging in, please email me at landon.curt@cusd80.com and we can get that information to you.
    Grades 4-6:  We encourage grades 4-6 students to visit the CUSD Online Password Management portal (https://mypassword.cusd80.com:9251/) to set up the ability to change and reset your password on your own from home, if needed. Click here for specific instructions for how to enroll and use the service. More information about CUSD passwords is available at: https://www.cusd80.com/password
    Updated Resources for Parents
    Technology Enrichment Activities for Students
    Visit our grade level activity pages for enrichment activities. Here are the skills students can practice: 
    • Technology Basics Lessons ** NEW LESSONS have been added! ** in Clever > Digital Literacy/Learning.com
      • Online Safety - Digital Citizenship
      • Computer Fundamentals
      • Typing / Keyboarding
      • Word Processing
      • Presentations
      • Visual Mapping
      • Computational Thinking / Coding
      • Spreadhseets
    • Coding with Code.org in Clever > Code.org
      • Computational Thinking and Coding Skills
      • Coding Projects
      • Dance Party Game
      • Coding courses
      • Coding Games 
    • Keyboarding / Typing in Clever > Typing Club
      • Full typing / keyboarding curriculum (grades 2-6)
    • Common Sense Education (Grades K-6)
      • Digital Citizenship
      • Online Safety
      • Media Balance
      • Cyberbullying
      • Online Privacy
      • News and Media Literacy
    • Tynker (Grades 2-6) - ** NEW LESSONS have been added! **
      • Computational Thinking and Coding Skills (Grades 2-6)
    • Tynkercad (Grades 4-6)
      • 3D Design and Production (Grades 4-6)

    Handouts and Letters

    Technology Newsletter

    Grading Policy

    Note: Technology Class grades will be unofficial this year and will not be included in Infinite Campus or on report cards. If you are interested in your child's progress, I will be keeping track of behavior and content scores and can provide those, if requested. 

    Behavior and Participation Grade (All Grades) 

    This score is based on a self-evaluation done by the students. At the end of each class, your child is asked to display the level that he/she has shown that day. The teacher will record the number and assign a score. The levels are listed below. 


    BE NICE TO / RESPECT the teacher
    BE NICE TO / RESPECT each other
    BE NICE TO / RESPECT the classroom

    School-Wide Behavior Scale

    Aviate Be a Leader

    Below are some specific examples of what the levels look like:

    Level 4 - Showing respect ALL the time

    • I am dependable, responsible, and have self-discipline.
    • I participate and stay on task without being told.
    • I have a positive attitude and I am able to cooperate with others.
    • I always strive to do my personal best.
    • I support and encourage my classmates.

    Level 3 - Showing respect MOST of the time

    • I cooperate and follow directions most of the time.
    • Sometimes the teacher has to remind me to improve my attitude and behavior.
    • I am working on showing self-control by being involved in the subject matter, even though it may not be my favorite.
    • I am willing to try new things.

    Level 2 - Showing respect SOME of the time

    • I boss others, bully others, bother others, and must be bossed to behave.
    • I do not show much effort or improvement.
    • I have trouble controlling my attitude and behavior.
    • Sometimes I do not participate in the day’s activities.

    Level 1 - Showing respect NONE of the time / UNACCEPTABLE

    • I am rude during class instruction and keep others from learning.
    • I am noisy and disrupt instruction most of the time.
    • I often talk during instruction and am frequently off task.
    • I am unsafe and out of control.
    • I argue with the teacher.
    • I use put-downs.
    • I do not participate in activities.
    • I do not treat the room, materials, or equipment properly.
    • My behavior keeps me from participating in class.

    Technology Resources for Parents

    Local Education Resources

    Chandler Education Foundation
    Arizona Parent Teacher Association
    Arizona Department of Education
    Expect More - AZ Advocacy for Education

    National Education Resources

    Common Sense Media - Excellent resource for parents on digitial citizenship and responsibility

    Good Digital Parenting - Family Online Safety Institute resources for parents.

    Connect Safely - Research-based safety tips, parents’ guidebooks, advice, news and commentary on all aspects of tech use and policy.

    Be Internet Awesome - Google project to "help kids be safe, confident explorers of the online world."

    Teaching Tolerance - Digital Literacy - Help students develop students digital and civic literacy skills.

    P21 - Partnership for 21st Century Learning

    ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education) Standards

    Project Lead the Way

    CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association)
    National PTA
    Internet Safety by NetSmartz
    Internet Safety Video by BrainPop
    Discovery Kids
    National Geographic Kids
    Kid Rex Kid-safe search engine
    Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

    Annenberg Classroom A great site that analyzes government and political issues and provides facts without the spin! It's designed for high school teachers and students to use when discussing issues, but I think it's great for everyone!