• Below are links to resources categorized by content area and grade level for at-home enrichment in learning. 
    Please use the list as options from which to explore and select activities of interest.

    Please use Google Chrome as your browser to access the provided links.  These links are also available online at: www.cusd80.com/Enrichment


    Comprehensive Content


    1. ACT Academy; Grades: K-12; Description: Comprehensive; Content - Individualized practice

      ACT Academy (click here)   https://academy.act.org/

    2. Albert; Grades: 7-12; Description: Comprehensive;  Content - Individualized practice

      Albert (click here) https://www.albert.io/

    3. Be Active Handouts; Grades: K-6 (but looks fun for us too); Description: Comprehensive; Content - Activities with household items

      Be Active (click here) http://www.beactivekids.org/resources/handouts/

    4. Khan Academy; Grades: K-12; Description: Comprehensive; Content - Individualized practice

      Khan Academy (click here) https://www.khanacademy.org/

    5. Mensa for Kids; Grades: K-6; Description: Comprehensive; Content - Activities for the gifted learner

      Mensa for Kids (click here) https://www.mensaforkids.org/

    6. Playful Learning; Grades: K-8; Description: Comprehensive; Content - Playful lesson resources

      Playful Learning (click here) https://www.playfullearning.net/free-resources/


    Math Specific

    1. Mathspace; Math 7 Students; Use class code that was sent out by teacher
    2. Mathscore; Grades: K-8; Description: Math; Computational knowledge practice

      Mathscore (click here) http://www.mathscore.com/


    Here are some other helpful links related to math!


    Khan Academy Tutorials


    Purple Math

    Math Is Fun!

    Just For Fun,
    Here are Other Fun Sits to Visit: