Mrs. Schibi's 2017-2018 Classroom Supply List  
    (The following supplies are optional, but we would greatly benefit having them in the classroom this year. Thank you! :)
    *1" Clear View 3-ring Binder
    *Zipper pencil pouch for 3-ring binder
    *Pencil Box (The normal size- nothing too big, please.)
    *1 pair of student-sized scissors
    *Rubber erasers (white erasers work best)
    *Personal pencil sharpener with shaving holder
    * 2 - Composition books (wide ruled)
    * 4 - Single subject spiral notebooks (wide-ruled) 
    *1 package of glue sticks
    * One package of Thin Crayola washable markers
    *One set of Twistable Crayons or Twistable Colored Pencils 
    * 2 Highlighters (any color)
    * 2 Expo markers and eraser ( an old sock works great as a whiteboard eraser :) 
    * TICONDEROGA brand #2 pencils (these sharpen the best)
    * Lysol Disinfectant wipes 
           (Any of these extra items are greatly appreciated! :)
    * EXPO MARKERS (all colors)
    * Sharpies (any colors)
    *Boxes of Kleenex
    * White Card Stock
    * Small chart stickers
    * Individually wrapped candy- (Starburst, Lollipops, Smarties, Skittles, Hershey Kisses, etc.)
    *Bottles of Elmer's white glue 
    *Pencil cap erasers
    *Packages of white index cards
    *Decks of playing cards (for math games)