• Unique Learning System® is an award-winning, online, standards-based set of interactive tools specifically designed for students with special needs to access the general curriculum. Used daily in school districts and classrooms across the country, Unique Learning System provides preschool through transition students with rigorous, standards-based materials specifically designed to meet their instructional needs.

    Users interact with differentiated, thematic units of study with text to speech, interactive components, hundreds of activities and multiple opportunities to show what they know. Books, lessons & activities are viewable on a variety of hardware platforms, including tablets, whiteboards, and smartboards. Additionally, n2y’s proprietary user interface and tools combine with touch technology to encourage engagement and exploration of many types of content.




    Unit Topics

    September- IT's My Right! (Government)

    October- High School Science Fair (Scientific Inquiry)

    November- Around the Solar System (Earth and Space Science)

    January- From Conflict to  Change (History/World History)

    February- Where in the World? (Geography)

    March- Changes to Light and Sound (Physical Science)

    April- All in an Day's Work (Economics)

    May- Like Father, Like Son (Life Science)