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    Remind Instructions:

    10th Graders Remind

    11th Grade Remind

    You can always find the Remind instructions in my classroom.



    10th Graders/0 Hour: 

    Class ID: 18492099 Enrollment Key: Basha2021

    11th Graders/1st Hour:

    Class ID: 18492157 Enrollment Key: Basha20201

    11th Graders/3rd Hour:

    Class ID: 18492202 Enrollment Key: Basha20203

    11th Graders/4th Hour:

    Class ID: 18492222 Enrollment Key: Basha20204

    11th Graders/5th Hour:

    Class ID: 18492236 Enrollment Key: Basha20205


    No Red Ink

    1st Period: late crayon 45

    3rd Period: striped beach 61

    4th Period: happy airport 60

    5th Period: kind straw 64


    Access the textbook online using this login and password

    Username: BashaBears

    Password: Cbuilding118


    You can also find Turnitin.com information in my classroom. 

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