• Social Studies

    Quarter 1

    Quarter 2

    Quarter 3

    Quarter 4

    American Revolution, foundations/influences of government, American Constitution

    Bill of Rights, branches of government, election process, fed/state/local government, economics

    World War II, Korean War

    Post World War II, civil rights, Vietnam, government

    So what sets Honors apart from On Level? That's a great question! I knew they put you in honors for a reason!!! It's exactly that, questioning, discussions, applying knowledge at a deeper level. We will learn the same concepts as the on level classes, just in a different way. We will engage in meaningful discussions through Socratic seminars, mock trials, simulations, debates and at least one performance based assessment per quarter.
    What Honors ISN'T  is more homework. If you use your time wisely in class, you shouldn't have homework in this class. My advice is get here early, get set up and get to work.
    Class assignments and notes will be in your Office 365 notebook. Assignments will also be available in Infinite Campus but not the notes or activities.  
Last Modified on July 19, 2017