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    Welcome! Bio IS life!

    Why Honors Biology? Because it is about YOU and who is more interesting and worthy of study than YOU!


    Office Hours:   2:30 – 3:30   M-Th  by appointment


    Important/helpful Information and documents

    For HONORS BIOLOGY we will be using a Google Classroom in addition to the staff webpages. Please ask your student for their username and password to access the class. This will allow you to see our calender and all important notes, files, dates, deadlines, etc. To learn how to login to the Honors Bology Class, the following Powerpoint will be helpful. Students MUST login from a computer (home or school) before they try to access this via a smartphone or tablet: 

    Google classroom instructions ppt 


    Biology Syllabus (please print last page only and sign) 

    "Brain Hacking" apps

     Cell Phone effects on learning

    Try some (or ALL) of these study tips :-)

    Support PHS-tax credit form

    Helpful Hints to ensure a successful year in Biology-

    • Do all your work and turn it in
    • Be on time
    • Study for tests, since they make up 50% of your grade
    • STUDY and Know your stuff for the midterm and final
    • Leave food and phones at home or in backpack