• Welcome to College Algebra! 

    Starting March 30 and extending through the closure, I’ll be teaching this class through Google Classroom.  All information about this course – announcements, schedule, content, assignments – will be available there.  Please note that you must use your school Google account to access your classes; you cannot access this class using a personal Google account.  If you need help finding or logging in to Classroom, see this support page.

    We didn't quite have everyone in our old google classroom so district to the rescue, You are already enrolled in the Google Classroom for this course – no course code needed – just logon to Classrooms using your school Google account to find all of your classes. 

    Login Information:  Your username for Google Classroom is sID#@gse.cusd80.com (gse for Google Suite Education). Please contact me via email if you have never used Google Classroom before or need your Google Classrooms password reset.

    Parents:  To learn more about Google Classrooms, please see the 2020 Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom. A link to this presentation is also available on CUSD’s Distance Learning Site.

    I look forward to hearing from you in our new classroom.


    Calendar information and more can be found in the google classroom or a calendar is available on MsMohrClass Google site 
    Great links from Mrs. Heun!
    Grade Calculation Spreadsheet -This is the one I was talking about is class you could use with your grade print out to plan your study time.
     Schedule to help with Studying for Finals
    Schedule for Studying for Finals