Spalding Resources

    If you and your child are new to Spalding, or if you’ve been doing it for a while and would appreciate some extra resources, either way you will find a few links below that may be helpful!


    Here is a link for a PDF that tells you which cues to use with some of the phonograms—we use these to help us differentiate between phonograms that make the same sounds.


    This is a link to a website that you can use to listen to each of the first 70 phonogram sounds. The website also walks through how to form the letters correctly in Spalding Manuscript.


    Click here to view a PDF of the Spalding Marking System, used each night in our spelling homework. And click here to view a PDF of the Spalding Spelling Rules, also used for our nightly spelling homework.


    You can also visit the Spalding Website for more resources, or to purchase some supplementary resources to use at home for practice. Some items you may find useful are:



    The program may seem a little overwhelming when you are first coming into it in a new school or a new program. However, with our daily practice, and with continued practice at home, your student will be caught up in no time!


    If there is any other way I can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me at hahn.barbara@cusd80.com or by phone at 480-224-3675.


    Happy Spelling!

    Mrs. Hahn