Mr. English's Grading Policy           

     Grading Philosophy  

    In our School Community, our focus is on student learning and achievement

    • A student's grade should communicate academic achievement: what the student knows and is able to do as measured against the learning standards of the course. 
    • Assignments must be completed to accurately assess what a student knows and is able to do, so that appropriate feedback can be given to every student. 
    • Practice and/or preparation (homework/classwork) is essential for learning.


    Mr. English's Grading Scale: 



    Students will graded in a percentage based comprised of 3 categories 

    Quizzes & Tests: 60%       Assignments & Homework: 30%         Map Tests: 10%     



    45% 1st Quarter + 45% 2nd Quarter + 10% Final Exam= 1st Semesters Grade


    45% 3rd Quarter + 45% 4th Quarter + 10% Final Exam= 2nd Semesters Grade





    Letter Grade Scale 

    A: 100% - 90%      B:  89% - 80%       C:  79% - 70%       D:  69% - 60%       F:  Below 60% 



    Attendance and Make-up Work  (NOT due to absences): 


    Students have a responsibility to attend school on a regular basis. Attendance in school allows for participation in class activities that will equip students with the essential knowledge to be successful in a course.  Teachers will adhere to the current district policy on late work due to an absence which states, “For each day missed the student has an equal number of days to complete the make-up work assigned”.  (Pg. 7 – Student Handbook) 


    Missing Work/Late Work Assignment Guidelines:  


    Santan Junior High has a “Zeroes Aren’t Productive (ZAP)” policy.    Assignments are given due dates so that teachers can provide feedback in a timely manner and learning will progress. Students are expected to meet deadlines and to contact the teacher when possible in advance to discuss any issues with due dates. Late work policies will be communicated via the teacher’s course syllabus.  In general, however, students who fail to complete assignments on due dates will: 


    • Communicate with the teacher regarding their situation and needs for the missing work. 
    • Be expected to complete the assignment, 
    • Receive an "M" (for Missing) in the Infinite Campus grade book. This means that it will be averaged as a "0" until the assignment is submitted (IC notifications will be sent reminding parents and students of the missing assignment),
    • Students will be allowed to turn in the assignment 3 days after it was assigned (unless due to absences) 
    • Students will receive a reduced grade for the completed work received late (1 day -10%, 2 days -25%, 3 days -50%;  After 3 days students will receive a zero on the assignment.).





    Mastery of Learning Plan (Retakes):  


    There are no retakes in Mr. English's Social Studies class, in lieu of retakes, students will have their lowest quiz score dropped from their final quarterly grade.


    What will we be learning in Social Studies?



    1st Semester

    During the first semester we will learn about life in the British American Colonies, Founding Fathers, Revolutionary War, and the foundations of US Government.



    2nd Semester


    During the second semester we will be focusing on WWII, Cold War, Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights movement.