• CGCC Dual Enrollment Course Numbers for Honors Pre-Calculus

     Course Codes

    Students must have taken (within two years) or take the ACCUPLACER TEST to be able to sign up for Dual Credit. Math courses require the Accuplacer Math Test. Accuplacer Testing will be administered by CHS counselors in the library computer lab (301) from 2:30-4:30pm August 7-17, 2017 (M-Th). Accuplacer tests are free. STUDENTS MUST HAVE A MEID# TO TEST! You need to get this from CGCC (or any MCCCD school) by going down to their student services office and applying. Online application information is available at http://www.cgc.maricopa.edu/Students/FinancialAid/Pages/HowToApply.aspx

    The cost for dual credit is $86 per credit hour.

    CGCC Dual Enrollment representatives will be coming to CHS’s College and Career Center on August 9th and 10th to answer questions and help students register.

    Why dual credit is beneficial…

    • Credit is based on the grade received in the class, not on one test taken at the end of the year.
    • Books are provided by the high school, so dual enrollment students have the benefit of not having to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks each semester.
    • Community college tuition rates are much lower than state universities’. Dual enrollment students pay roughly 1/3 the tuition they would pay at a state university. For parents planning on paying for their child’s college tuition, this can be a huge help. 
    • Students can start college with several credits already completed, with a semester or even a whole year of credits completed before even starting their freshman year. This allows the student to focus more on their college major, explore other interesting disciplines, or even graduate early.
    • Since the college credit from dual enrollment comes with a grade, students can start college with an already well-established GPA.


    Financial Aid is available

    If a student is looking for tuition assistance, they will need to submit this form to CGCC by August 31st. The form is located at http://www.cgc.maricopa.edu/Academics/Dual/Documents/Finalized.DE.Maricopa.Grant.App.%202017-2018.2.2.17.pdf