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    Class of 2020! It's your year! This year, you will be extremely busy. You will be hard at work maintaining or improving your grades, all the while you will have focus on amazing senior year events, one of which is GRADUATION! However, you will need to add to your focus and workload, this year, is touring/deciding, and apply for jobs and/or college and scholarships! Perhaps you will be preparing to serve your mission or signing for military service. Whichever path you choose, be sure it is right for you! Just remember...RIGHT NOW, THIS YEAR, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, not your parents or teachers.  

    Start early with the following items to manage time:

    • Complete your college or career bound next steps! Tour, inquire, and apply to college
    • Take or retake your ACT or SATs to achieve that admissions or scholarship level you hope for
    • Update your employment/activities resume
    • If you haven't, start apply for outside/private scholarships (fastweb.com, scholarship.com, goingmerry)
    • Update your volunteer hours in a log
    • Ask a counselor and a teacher for letters of recommendation early

    No one likes homework - but, it is imperative you maintain or exceed your performance. For college bound, we want you to keep or get better scholarships from schools. For career and military bound, this can help with job placement. Time management and being action oriented is key this semester. 

    Be sure to visit Ms. Whiteneck in the Career Center [F219] or your guidance counselor if you need any help. Both are ready to help you! Have a great start to your last semester of high school!

    Ms. Whiteneck