• Turnitin.com Information 

    2017-2018 School Year

    If you already have a Turn-it-in account, DO NOT create another one.  Log in to your current account and follow Step 1 and Log in.  Then, Enroll in a Class--see class enrollment IDs below.

    If you have NEVER had an account, then follow these directions.

    How to create a user profile:

    1. Go to turnitin.com (you may need to use Firefox)
    2. Click on create a user profile (top right side of page)
    3. The screen says “Create a user profile”
    4. Click student
    5. Click next
    6. Type in the
      • Period 3: 18608614
      • Period 4: 18608648
      • Type in the class enrollment key: phs19 (lower case)
    7. Click next
    8. You will successfully log in to your class.
    9. Enter your professional email address (make sure you know the password/have access to it)
    10. Type in a password, and then verify the password.
    11. Click next
    12. Choose a secret question (should you forget your password)
    13. Answer the question
    14. Click next
    15. Type in your first name
    16. Type in your last name (or at least your last initial)
    17. Click next
    18. Read the statement
    19. Click I agree—create a profile
    20. Read the directions carefully
    21. Click end wizard and log in
    22. If you already have a turnitin.com profile, just add our class using the above ID number.  


    How to submit your paper:

    • Log-in to turnitin.com
    • Click on the name of the class
    • Click the title paper to submit
    • Choose the drop down that says file upload
    • Fill in the title of your paper
    • Click browse
    • Browse for the file that contains your paper (click Browse)
    • Choose the file (double click it)
    • The file will appear in the box
    • Click submit
    • Check your e-mail for the receipt from turnitin.com