• We Dine Together



      Do you ever find yourself eating alone?

      Is HHS a new school for you?

      Are you new to a public school?

      Have you just arrived from out of state?


      Please view this video to find out how We Dine Together got started in Florida, what WDT's purpose is, and how it is spreading nationwide.


      From: WeDineTogether.org:

      The purpose of the We Dine Together Club is to create an atmosphere where students can be themselves without fear of rejection. School clubs, led by student leaders, meet formally once a week and are supervised by school faculty members. Each Club session, members get the opportunity to take part in interactive activities, group discussions, and dining together. By doing this, new students will be able to assimilate to school culture, students will form friendships, and learn to accept one another. We Dine Together will turn schools into a community of leaders with the purpose of being of service to each other. We believe if this model is replicated, true change will come!

      HHS We Dine Together Club:

      We Dine Together is modeled off a program started by a teenage high school student in another state. Noticing how many of her peers were eating alone, especially new and incoming students, she started a club to let kids know they don't have to eat alone.

      Members will identify students eating alone and ask to join them. This will allow students to get to know different people, and feel more welcomed at our huge school and campus.
      Unlike most other clubs, there is no cost to join. Student volunteers will be provided with tee-shirts identifying them as Club members.

      Club members must commit to 20 lunch periods per school year in order to maintain club status.

      Club members may earn .5 hours per lunch period toward community service, so the 20 lunch commitment works out to 10 community service hours.

      If you're interested in joining or finding out more, please come to our weekly meetings, Thursdays during conference time, in C-211.

      Look forward to seeing you there - let's have lunch!