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    What is Raz-Kids?
    Raz-Kids is a reading resource for students.  Students can access leveled text through an interactive website online.  Students listen to, read at their own pace, and can record themselves reading.  Students then take an eQuiz to help ensure and practice comprehension.  Stars are earned with each story.

    Raz-Kids is an at home reading supplement.  Students will not be reading at home.  It is highly encouraged that students still read books at their level while reading on Raz-Kids.
    Raz-Kids Reward System
    Students who earn stars will be rewarded bracelets at certain levels.  Thanks to our PTO, we have bracelets for each level! RazKids Rewards are for Ist grade and 2nd grade
    RazKids Rewards
    How many stars do you need to earn a
    Stars- Bracelet Color
    1,000 Red
    5,000 Orange
    10,000 Purple
    15,000 Yellow
    20,000 Blue
    25,000 Green
    30,000 Multicolor
    50,000 Medal
    75,000 T-shirt
    100,000 Trophy 

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