• 3rd place overall: Maggie/Victoria in DUO INTERP

    3rd place overall: Courtney in INF 

    5th place overall: Nadine in Oratory

    Pat Y: Broke to Semis in OO


    All information can be found on Joy of Tournaments

    Deadline for signups is Nov. 20th -- see Ms. Jones (D 108)

    Current Competitors

    OO: Yango, Thampy, Loureiro, Zhang, Yu

    INF: Chaudhry, Nguyen, Ha, Deaver, Cheung, Husurianto

    IMPR: Yango

    DUO: Bauman/Cannizzaro


    DI: Prothro

    NLD: Asad, Rodriguez, Feng,  Johnston, Strauss, Kabir

    VLD: Marfori, Chou

    NPF: Charles/Ferre, McClimans/Herrmann, Stork/Mosher

    VPF: Privett/Vandenburg, Galardi/Gould


    Tournment location: ASU (Arizona State Univ.)

    Bus leaves Perry @  2:00 PM FRIDAY

                                  6:30 AM SATURDAY     Don't be late!


    Please turn in your permission slips to ride the bus by 11/27



    Please sign up here:  Judge Sign-Up


    We must provide 1 judge for every 2 debate entries and 1 judge for every 5 individual event entries



    Please sign up here:  Snacks Sign-Up