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                                                                                    AUXIER CHOIR CONTRACT


    I, ______________________________, would like to be a member of the Auxier Choir. I will abide by the following requirements to the best of my ability.


    1. I will attend all rehearsals (Tuesdays, Cadette Choir, Wednesday Senior Choir) mornings from 7:45 – 8:30). Let me know if you cannot attend.

    2. I will attend all performances (To be determined) Let me know well in advance if you cannot attend.

    3. I will have good citizenship in all my classes and at school.

    4. I will have good behavior during rehearsals and performances both at school and away from


    5. In order to perform, I will dress according to the choir uniform policy: Auxier Choir T- shirt, Khaki or navy pants/slacks dark shoes. Please, no jeans, capris, shorts, skirts, navy denim, or pants with holes allowed.

    6. I understand if these guidelines are not followed, I will not be allowed to participate in the Auxier Choir.

    7. My parent/guardian will provide transportation to rehearsals and performances if needed.

    8. I will make every effort to complete all classroom homework assignments and maintain passing grades in all subject areas.



    ________________________________________ ______________

    Student Signature                                                    Date


    I give my permission for my child to be a member of the Auxier Choir. We

    understand and agree to the commitment required and will provide the required uniform.


    ________________________________________ ______________

    Parent Signature)                                                      Date



    Home or Cell Phone Number: __________________________________________

    Email address of everyone you want to receive communications: (very important I have this!)  ______________________________________________________________

    Student’s grade and classroom teacher this year:  __________________________________

    T shirt size_________ (Youth SML, Adult SML Xlg)